SIP Trunking

Start saving, make voice calls over the internet using your existing telephone system.

What is SIP Trunking?

Did you know you can use your telephone system to make calls over the internet?

Not many people do, SIP trunking, is a flexible, lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls, and allows your business to experieince the benefits of a hosted solution without removing its legacy telephone equipment.


Quality of service - Flexibility - Reliability - Affordability: References from satisfied customers available.  


Reasons to choose SIP Trunking


Reduce costs 


Use local numbers 


Peace of mind 

 Save on calls and line charges compared to your standard telephone bills. Cost of calls places over the internet are usually lower than traditional lines. Affordable long distance plans and international calls at lower cost.   Operate without geographic telephone number constraints. Telephone area codes can be used anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.  

 The ideal solution in the event of a disaster recovery. Peace of mind to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly.

Flexible solution when you move.


If you haven't had a review of your telephony in the last 18 months, it is likely you are not taking advantage of the latest technologies and cost savings.





PRI Service

PRI Service gives you 10-25% greater efficiency than traditional analog service. Fewer connections are required and calls are completed faster, saving you time and money. It is an ideal solution for companies with 15 lines and more.



Reasons to choose PRI Service











Save money on the cost of individual dedicated circuits.

   Enjoy clear, digital transmission for voice and data communications.    Repair time in 4 hours.    Possibility of having direct numbers for your employees, of integrating your faxes and of pairing your smartphone with your office telephone.

The PRI Service is ideal for medium to large PBX customers who need simultaneous transmission. You can phone and fax even when you're online. Choose PRI digital service if your team is growing and your communication needs are changing.


Experience the efficiency of digital with PRI Service.