Mitel Business Communication Solutions

Complete business communication solutions for every need



The Mitel MiVoice business communications platforms provide extensive communication features, robust call control and support for a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.


MiContact Center

Optimize call center operations with real-time and historic reporting, sophisticated call routing, customers self-service tools and support for multi-media communication, including email, web chat and social media.



Maintain an in-office communications experience regardless of location or device with tools like presence, visual voice mail, conferencing, desktop and application sharing private and public chat, and more.  



Mitel's software can easily accomodates your changing needs and preferences over time, meaning you can move freely amount public, private and hybrid cloud models.

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Business IP Phones

Mitel offers a comprehensive line of IP desktop devices—everything from affordable, entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets, conference units, and attendant consoles.


Digital Phones

Mitel's full suite of digital phones and peripherals has a solution for every size business.


SIP Phones

Mitel's selection of SIP phones offers open-standard enterprise grade IP telephones with exceptional features and flexibility.


Wireless Phones

Mitel's Wireless DECT portfolio offers scalable solutions to bring the comfort of mobility to your networks.


Peripherals & Accessories

Get the most out of your Mitel IP phones with accessories and peripherals such as attendant consoles, handsets, headsets and other modules.

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Mitel MiVoice

Mitel’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions is designed to cover virtually every business communication need across any industry.

Mitel’s line of MiVoice platforms were designed to address your business’s communications needs, no matter what size your business is and to provide your business with the tools for improving employee productivity and business efficiency, so that you can  expect a tangible return on your communications investment.

  • Simple to manage and deploy.
  • Enhance business & employee productivity.
  • Fit within your existing infrastructure.
  • Flexible and future-proof.

The right platform to manage your communications makes all the difference in organizational productivity and flexibility to respond to changing business environments. Mitel’s communications platforms have been helping businesses achieve that for more than 40 years.


MiVoice   Office 250


MiVoice   Business

The MiVoice Office 250 phone system is an affordable and flexible communication platform for small to mid-size businesses.

Increase productivity and save money with a communications platform built especially for your business needs.




Mitel MiVoice Business is a highly scalable, proven business communication platform that delivers voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more.

MiVoice Office 250 delivers standard applications including:  

MiVoice Business has many embedded features:

  • Unified Voice Messaging with  Automated   Attendant
  • Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Hot Desking
  • Twinning
  • Mobile Hand-Off
  • Teleworking               
  • Reporting


In addition, the MiVoice Office 250   supports a range of advanced Unified Communications applications via Mitel MiCollab and Mitel MiCollab Client.  

  • Mobility – Dynamic Extension
  • Mobility – Hot Desking
  • Unified Messaging
  • A Flexible,   Easy-to-Manage and -Implement Platform
  • Web-Based Management
  • Operates across any LAN / WAN   infrastructure, coupled with embedded native support for standards-based  networking such as SIP, Q.SIG, and DPNSS



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Mitel MiContact Center

MiContact Center solutions improve  employee productivity and control operational costs within businesses of all sizes.

To meet the needs of internal “customers,” some departments in large organizations perform a contact center role without thinking of themselves as contact centers.

At the other end of the spectrum are enterprise-class operations that may have agents at multiple sites worldwide. They require automated interactions, advanced routing algorithms, workforce management tools, and a whole array of other capabilities to operate effectively.

  • Empower customers
  • Ensure agent productivity
  • Manage efficiently
  • Streamline operations


MiContact Center Office Edition   MiContact Center Business Edition   MiContact Center Enterprise Edition   Cloud-Based Contact Centers

MiContact Center Office Edition, designed for the MiVoice Office 250 (formerly MiVoice Office) platform, is an entry-level solution for contact centers or workgroups with up to 100 agents.                





(available for the MiVoice Business platform) delivers robust contact center, IVR, and multi-media functionality and reporting but is packaged specifically for small contact centers that have sophisticated, enterprise-grade requirements.  



       (available for the MiVoice Business platform) is a robust, highly flexible solution that delivers feature-rich IVR capabilities and contact center monitoring, reporting, forecasting, and agent productivity tools for the most sophisticated contact centers, including virtual, multi-media contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents.       

MiContact Center Live is a true cloud solution that enables businesses to intelligently deliver quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.             








Mitel MiCollab combines collaboration, mobility, and messaging into a single solution that empowers people to collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are, how they work and what device they use.

 Mitel MiCollab's integrated suite of applications includes the following:


MiCollab Client

Mitel’s Unified Communications solution that provides users with a single access point for all their business communication and collaboration needs, MiCollab Client enables real-time access to collaboration capabilities by everyone in your organization, regardless of location or device.

Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing

This comprehensive conferencing solution provides your business with audio, web and video conferencing services that provide large scale audio conferencing, rich web interactions, and helps improve collaboration and information sharing among employees and with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Unified Messaging and Speech Auto Attendant

Unified messaging enables people to manage voice mail, email and fax messages from their personal phones and devices. From basic voice mail to advanced unified messaging, a full-featured and flexible unified messaging solution with a low total cost of ownership satisfies the diverse needs of your entire organization.


Mitel’s Teleworking solutions allow employees "plug and work" access to the corporate voice network from home or on the road, seamlessly retaining all of the communications features and functionality enjoyed at the office.

Cloud Services Application Integration

Out-of-the-box integration of Mitel collaboration features with Google hosted offerings.






Enhanced capabilities. Greater efficiency. Reduced costs.

Increased flexibility. Cloud-based communications deliver a host of advantages for companies of all sizes and users of all sophistication levels. MiCloud delivers these advantages like no other platform on the market.


MiCloud Business


MiCloud Enterprise


MiCloud Contact Center

 Perfectly sized and priced for small- to mid-sized companies

Get a fully hosted and managed, pay-as-you-grow phone system with hardware, software, infrastructure and support—all rolled together in one bill

   Engineered for large companies with more than 250 users

Meet the needs of a global enterprise with the power of voice, video, collaboration and applications backed by flexible, managed cloud deployment


Built for the needs of call centers of all types and sizes

Monitor, measure and optimize your call center’s performance with the sophisticated, easy-to-use tools in our cloud-hosted contact center platform




#1 Global Market Share in Business Cloud Communications



Mitel Wireless Phones



 Mitel Wireless Dect

MiVoice 5603 Wireless Phone


Perfect for office, education and retail environments, the MiVoice 5603 is a cordless phone built for intense daily use by a user with less-complex call-handling needs.  

MiVoice 5604 Wireless Phone


With its advanced communications capabilities and built-in safety features, the MiVoice 5604 Wireless Phone is ideal for industrial and indoor/outdoor worksites.

MiVoice 5607 Wireless Phone 


This robust wireless phone is designed specifically for demanding manufacturing, industrial and security environments and where safety and security are of concern.



MiVoice IP Phones


 MiVoice IP Phones

 MiVoice 5360 IP Phone

Ideal for the enterprise executive, this desktop IP phone has a large, high-resolution touch display, superior sound quality and plenty of built-in features.

MiVoice 5340e IP Phone

This enterprise-ready IP phone features a large backlit display, productivity applications and programmable keys.

MiVoice 5330e IP Phone

Perfect for the enterprise desktop this IP phone features a large display and 24 self-labeling buttons that can be programmed for a variety of functions.

MiVoice 5324 IP Phone

This phone is designed for communications-intensive companies that require a converged IP infrastructure.

MiVoice 5320 IP Phone

This full-feature, entry-level display phone is for companies that require rich communications applications and services on the desktop

MiVoice 5320e IP Phone

This full-feature, entry-level display phone with embedded Gigabit support is for companies that need rich communications applications and services on the desktop.

MiVoice 5312 IP Phone

This multi-line desktop phone features 12 programmable keys and is user-friendly, making it perfect for teleworkers, office workers and technical support staff.

MiVoice 5304 IP Phone

A cost-effective entry-level display phone with a small base, making it perfect for hotel guest rooms, educational classrooms, retail stores and for teleworkers.

 MiVoice Conference Phone

This easy-to-use conference phone boasts 16 built-in microphones and superior audio quality plus the ability to seamlessly share ideas and files with in-room presentation display capabilities.

 MiVoice Video Phone

 This phone makes video conferencing easier than ever. Seamlessly turn an audio conference into a virtual meeting without the need for a third-party service.

 MiVoice Business Console 

 The MiVoice Business Console is a completely PC-based call-handling setup with an intuitive graphical user interface for the department or office attendant.

 MiVoice Softphone 

Mitel softphone allows remote and mobile workers to take advantage of a full range of productivity enhancing tools right from their computers—no desk phone required.  



MiVoice Digital Phones


MiVoice Digital Phones

MiVoice 8528 Digital Phone


This flexible, low-cost digital business phone is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses with 16 programmable multifunction keys.

MiVoice 8568 Digital Phone

Perfect for heavy phone users in small and medium sized businesses, the MiVoice 8568 features a six-line display with 16 programmable multifunction keys.

Mitel Programmable Key Modules

The 12- and 48-button Mitel Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) extend the capabilities of the Mitel MiVoice 5324, 5330, and 5340 IP Phones and the Mitel MiVoice 8528 and 8568 Telephones with additional buttons and LED indicators.



Mitel Sip Phones


Mitel SIP Phone  

Mitel 6869 Sip Phone

Designed for the power user with heavy demands, this sip phone is a robust device with maximum functionality.

Mitel 6867 Sip Phone

Designed for the enterprise user, this fully-featured desktop phone offers flexibility and reliability for those with heavy phone and network requirements.

Mitel 6865 Sip Phone

Feature-rich and affordable, this enterprise grade phone offers exceptional flexibility for the home or business office.

Mitel 6863 Sip Phone

If you are looking for enterprise-grade functionality in an affordable 2-line Sip phone, the Mitel 6863 was designed for you.



Mitel IP Peripherals and Accessories

Mitel IP Peripherals and Accessories 

Mitel Bluetooth Accessories
Mitel Bluetooth Module and Mitel Bluetooth Handset offer unprecedented convenience and corridor mobility for Mitel MiVoice 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP Phone users.  

Mitel MiVoice DECT Module and DECT Accessories

Combining the freedom of cordless mobility with the feature richness of your desktop phone.

Mitel Programmable Key Modules 

The 12- and 48-button Mitel Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) extend the capabilities of the Mitel MiVoice 5324, 5330, and 5340 IP Phones and the Mitel MiVoice 8528 and 8568 Telephones with additional buttons and LED indicators.

Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand

 Ideal for users with high bandwidth requirements, the Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand delivers the latest technology and advancements in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity giving all compatible Mitel IP phones the ability to migrate as your network evolves.

Mitel Line Interface Module

This module integrates into the Mitel MiVoice 5324, 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP Phones to provide a separate connection to an analog line, such as those found on DSL services, in the event of wide area network failure.